Infinity: Morat Sogarat

Another miniature has now been completed, this time I got the heavily armoured Sogarat Tempest Regiment miniature with Feuerbach from the Morat starter pack. I think that Corvus really has it down how you are supposed to depict power armour, I think Games Workshop has a thing or two to learn from theses Spaniards.

I also got a base painted for this one, and with that I have decided what bases I'm going to use. The winner is Urban Fight bases from Micro Art Studios, that I had one of them might have influenced the decision a bit...
Unfortunately Alphaspel sold their last 25mm bases in this theme only minutes before I completed my order to them, so now I have to wait for them to get a new batch in... So my poor apes will have to be baseless for some time. I'll have to paint more of them until the bases arrive instead!

Anyhow, here is the pictures on the Sogarat.

And here is some close-ups on the base.

I think the base complements the figure quite nice, and I'm satisfied with how it turned out.

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  1. Love these minis and this project - hoping to see more of it at the club after the summer holiday!