Black Powder: Austrian - Line Infantry IR 56

So what do you do when you already have two Napoleonic armies that just got enough to be playable? You start another one of course!
So I have had some thought about starting some Austrians for a little bit, well quite a long bit actually, since I have grown a bit tired of the British as the opponents to my French, I wanted to find something else and I liked the white uniforms they have, and it's not the most prevalent army you can find. Also they have some really nice flags...

So I got a box of Victrix late Austrian infantry and got to it. This time I'm going to paint some specific regiments and keep to the colours that they used. And for starters I picked the III korps of the battle of Eggmülh. This corps saw some of the first actions leading up to the main battle at Teugen-Hausen where they faced of the French III corps under Marshall Davout.

For starters I'm going to make one battalion for each regiment that saw action there on the Austrian side, but I plan to expand this to make all the full (or mostly full) battalions.

The first one out then is the 56 infantry regiment, also known as Colloredo, as all regiments took name after their commanding officer. This was one of the regiments that attacked the French centre, meeting the French 3rd and 57th Lingne, that after some heavy fighting forced the Austrian away.

As we play with 3-base battalions, I have made the (often) oversized Austrian regiments at 4 bases to be able to depict them as large formations. We have 1 base for tiny, 2 for small, 3 for normal and 4 for large. This also gives me some personal satisfaction as they look really good in larger numbers.

That it for this time, I have some more Germans to show, as well as some detailed pictures on new commanders for my French and British that I used last game, so stay tuned!


  1. Very nice start for a great army to build. Napoleonics is truly the black hole of wargaming.

    1. Yes... it's far too easy to be sucked in and never seen again, but it's fun!

  2. Classic choice with the Colloredo unit! I actually think the regiment fought at Lützen 1632 too, with a less polished attire that is...

    1. Thats some history for that regiment then, I do however doubt that the same men are in it in this recreation ;)