Black Powder: Austrian - Line Infantry IR 20

So after I failed miserably at taking pictures of some of the commanders used at the last game, I instead have to present a new Austrian infantry regiment.

I here present IR 20 Kaunitz, present at the Teugn-Hausen battle under the command of Generalmajor Bieber. In this battle the regiment was initially held in reserve, and sent forward after a battalion of Grenzers and Jägers was beaten back by the French 3 Ligne and 10 Légére on the Austrian left flank. Their intervention halted the French advance and let the remaining Grenzers and Jägers retreat and regroup in relative order. They held the line until the whole corps is sent packing by the French.

In this campaign IR 20 took the field with no less than 16 companies all told, giving the regiment 2 and 2/3 battalion in the field. Almost reaching the proscribed 18 companies, but not many regiment could show such force at the time. My plan with this is to make a total of 3 battalions, 2 large such as this, and one normal sized to represent the strength they had in the field

Since we "only" have such small battalions, I have here converted a normal line trooper to be a standard bearer, and instead of using walking commanders I took the mounted one that comes in the Victrix pack. It turned out rather well I think, and makes it possible to make 3-4 units from each Victrix box. not a bad turnout for a single box.


  1. Agreed, the added mounted commander dresses the ranks nicely. Great basing too. I would relish a game with larger units on a larger table, but then we're in the weekend gaming section and not a "quicky" during a weekday night, but certainly something we should do once the collection reaches this size.

    1. I have no problem with the smaller units, we can always get some 3 or 6mm figs if we want masses. But using larger tables, and lots and LOTS of miniatures one day would be great =)

  2. Beautiful! An excellent work on this unit!