Bolt Action: Fallschirmjägers - Support I

So its high time to show off some more germans, this is the first batch of support troops. They are crews to some different weapons and special troops, I have not however their weapons as I was not commissioned to paint these.

But first are actually something that is included in the basic platoon for Chain of Command, a panzerschreck team

Then we have some crew for a MMG

And some nice little folk that I think is supposed to crew a PAK 40

Lastly I have an additional rifleman, as one of the original miniatures was armed with the wrong weapon, so I got hold of another one with a rifle from my own stash and got him painted up as a replacement.

This was actually one of several miniatures I painted before starting this commision to try out the painting scheme, it's not that easy to get the colours right and it took about 3-4 tries to get it right so that both I and my client was satisfied with the result.

And then we have a overview of them all

I also have here a little sneak peek on the basing as we decided on a basing type a while after these was completed. Missing here are the rifleman and panzerschreck team.


  1. They look really impressive, great work.

  2. Beautiful work Ulf, I really like the camo and your choice of grey-blue for the helmets (which color did you go with?)

    1. Thank you, the helmets are vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform WWII 70.816, then I washed them (and the whole miniature) in a 50/50 mix of Army Painter Strong Tone and Dark Tone (WP1135/WP1136) and then re highlighted with the base colour again.