Bolt Action: US Marine Corps - M8 Greyhound

So after I finished of my previous Sherman, I got going on a M8 Greyhound. This is the now older resin model, and not the new spiffy plastic that came out a few months ago, but it's a fairly nice model non the less.

As I understand it the marines had a few M8s to help them out during some of the island hopping campaign, it wasn't the most used thing ever, mostly because that it got stuck in the mud as soon as the jungle got hold of it, so it was mostly restricted to roads of better quality when used. And as a primarily reconnaissance vehicle that's not really what you want from them.

It was armed with a 37 mm gun and a coaxial medium machine gun as well as a heavy machine gun in the ring on the turret, giving it quite a lot of power for such a light vehicle.

I used a fairly standard green color to this one, omitting the camouflage that may or may not have been used, but I did go a bit bananas with the weathering powders once again, but the end result I think is a quite nice little car, ready to take on some Japanese forces

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