Bolt Action: US Marine Corps - New blood

After having been away from the painting of my WWII forces, I've gotten some work done on them again. We have been playing a bit more Bolt Action around here so I needed some more miniatures to my force.

The first thing I got completed is a brand new, dirty Sherman tank!
I built it according to the instructions but decided to try some camouflage on it, since the Marines often did just that.
Besides that I just tried a bunch of things to make it look rugged and a bit run down. Just as I want my WWII stuff to look.

I got hold of some more weathering powders from Vallejo that i used quite a lot of to get that dirty look. I'm quite pleased or how it turned out.

The HMG on top of the tank is magnetized, so that I can leave it off the times when I don't need it. 

For the next one I'll have to get some stowage as well.

I have some more things waiting to get a few lines written here, I hop to get some more up this week. 
Until next time, game responsibly! 


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  2. Great looking Sherman the camouflage and weathering do the trick.