Bolt Action: US Marine Corps - USMC Raiders

From the elite formations of the marines, comes the elite formation of USMC Raiders. Two battalions was formed during the early parts of WWII and they fought with distinction during the island hopping campaign in numerous operations.

From the beginning they was formed to conduct special amphibious light infantry warfare, particularly in landing in rubber boats and operating behind enemy lines.
They did however cause some resentment in the USMC and this led to their disbandment in the middle of 44.

For Bolt Action they have an entry in the Empire in Flames book, where they are given the option to operate in small units armed to the teeth. To give them something extra when I paint them I gave them more and different camo than my other marines, giving them a distinct look from my other units.

In my other units I only use camo on their helmets, and only the "brown" one, here I used the "green" one as well, giving them all this on their helmets, if they had any. And then using the camo patterns all over them. Still keeping them in the same lines as all the others. Modeling wise I gave them all "special" weapons as well, just for the fun of it. I haven't used the shotgun so far, so I gave three of them this, and another three with SMGs.

If I don't use them as the Raiders in games, I might use them to represent veterans or just mix them into squads to give them some more fun guns.

That's all for this round, I still have more to show you as soon as work permits me to pen some more words down.

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