Imperial Guard infantry company

Since I found out with my imperial stormtroopers that it's easy to paint epic miniatures, and that I do have far to few things painted, I sprayed a infantry company that I built a long time ago. At that time I just built it, for use in a game, but the painting of them just didn't happen.
And for the last game I had I just sprayed them gray so that they at least had on colour on, and then I just took a few hours and got the rest of the paint on them a few night ago.

And it didn't turn out half bad at all

When I built it I did have some ideas to make a fairly boring unit at least a bit more fun, so one base shows whats going to happen if you don't use cover

And one what happens when a blood crazed berserker gets hold of you in close combat.

This also added a bit of color to the gray mass of infantry.

Next I thing Im going to make some transports to this unit, and perhaps some support.

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