It's epic time!

The last week or so I've been a bad boy, instead of painting the French troops I had planed, I got a strong need for some epic.
I did get a game in last week against a fellow player here, and it was really fun, and all though my Storm Troopers didn't by far perform as they should, I got to painting them anyways.

And the result can be seen here
I did go for a quite boring, but effective gray, as my more recently painted minis has this color, but to get a little bit of color on them I painted the left shoulders white with a red stripe, not much but at least you can see them now.
The miniatures themselves are from Dark Realm Miniatures and the game Seeds of War, I use a few of their minis for my Imperial army, mostly to get some different (and really cool) minis on the board, and not pay the more than overinflated prices of some GW minis.

So this is it for now, next... well I don't know, perhaps some more epic, or something completely different.

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