Imperial Guard tanks

This time I have had a few transports and support to my previous infantry painted.
The batch consists of 9 Chimera transports and 3 Hellhound tanks, normally you need 7 transports for a company, but as I have a few Ogryns standing ready to be painted I thought it would be bad style not to include some nice rides for them as well.

First of is the Hellhounds

I've had this bunch standing on my painting table for well over 3 years, so it was high time that they got some love. I've never used them in a game, but I figure that something that spews fire all over the place must be good for something.

And then is the Chimera transports, not much to say really, I got them up from the shed a few days ago just to get some new transports. I have quite a few already painted, but in another color scheme and now very chipped paint as well, so they are going up for a repaint as soon as possible, just need to do all that boring paint stripping firsts...

And thats what I have for you today, more to come at a later date.

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