Malifaux WIP - Mature Nepheilim

So, I've been throwing a few more paints around, and this time some skin tones got stuck on a Mature Nephilim, its a quite big model and lots of skin (they seam to like dressing up in almost nothing) and even though I'd like my models to keep a kind of human skin tone theme, I kind of like the pale picture of a (probably) mature one in the rulebook, so I grabbed the lightest skin I had and got going.
I also like the idea of the wings being a sort of thin skin, so that got the same treatment, just a bit lighter.

I'm still not sure about the hair, clothes and wrappings, I'm thinking brown hair, red clothes and perhaps blue wrappings to tie him together with my already completed minis, but as I said, I'm not sure yet, thoughts are appreciated =) 

And pictures or it didn't happen:



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