A day of gaming

Last weekend I was supposed to play a Hail Cesar game, unfortunately the GM had to go and take care of a family emergency, so instead I got to play a little scenario about the Russian civil war with a game that I believe was called Red Assault.

It was a very simple game, based on units depicting a company with four bases of 3 to 4 minis each. We each got a few units of infantry, a cavalry unit, a few HMGs, and one each of a cannon and a armored car.

I was given command of the white side, and was proclaiming democracy! Well.. not quite but at least I was better than the evil reds! Or well... not quite, but I got nicer flags?
I’m not that into this period, in that way that I know absolutely nothing at all, but I got to roll some dice and watch in horror as my units was killed, but it was fun.

The scenario was a straight forward one, in the middle of the table there was a broken down truck, in/under this truck a scared red-spy was hiding, our job was to get to him first and save or bring him to the gallows. The secondary objective was to shoot the opposition more than they shot us.
In true wargaming spirit we totally forgot about the spy and just started shooting.

Here is the initial deployment, all our units had to walk in from the board edge, and columns are quite a bit faster to get anyware at all, so that’s the formation of choice

Best musician ever! 

Red cavalry
Red Infantry

White side


In the first turn was mostly about advancing towards each other, not much else, apart from my HMG on the flank that started to shoot down the red cavalry advancing in frightening speed, I did not want to have those horses to close to my line, especial when I’m still in column formation with quite a few units.

The second turn then saw some more action, as the read had advanced to some of the houses in the middle of the table, they now occupied them as fast as they could, only to be shot as and retreated out just as fast, I eliminated the red cavalry and advanced my own on the opposite flank, all they while my armoured car ran amok and shot everything it could, getting a good few hits and started to break units with the support of my other HMG and a few fire-crazy units.
All in all this was a turn when it look really good for the white side, this however was not to last.

Was started as just a few hits here and there on my units in the previous turn got quite a few units over the brink in the following two turns, all over the board units broke and ran. And in the end the white army broke, one activation before the red one did the same, that ended the game and we gave the red side a small victory as they at least broke me first.

The game was really enjoyable, easy to grasp, after just one turn most things was clear, my opponent was more than excellent and the miniatures very well made and painted.
I hope I get the chance for revenge sometime in the future.

Victorious commander


  1. It helps a lot when the minis and terrain is great, I mostly pointed the camera somewhere in the vicinity of them =)