Malifaux - Mature Nephilim

At last he's done, I've had him sitting and looking at me for a few days now until I finally got to paint the last few things on him. Overall I'm quite pleased, things don't look that wrong, perhaps he's a bit on the pale side, but I kind of like it after all.

After this there is just a lot of more models to do, and the bases... I really need to get started on the bases, the bases for Lilith and the Mature is actually ready to paint, but I still need to make them for Lilitu and Lelu and I don't see the point of painting two bases when I need to have all four done.
Ah well, we'll have to see where it all ends up.

I did get my Nekima in the post about a week ago, and I'm quite drawn to painting her up, she's big and really, REALLY evil on the tabletop, but probably to expensive to use for quite some time. Ah well perhaps I should paint something completely different now, just so I don't get to fed up with demons with wings, I've had some TYW figures looking at me in a funny way, perhaps I should complete my two first units of them, or even paint up the last French infantry for napoleonic, so much to do, and so little time to do it in.

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