Adobe buildings - Part II

I have created another pair of adobe houses, this time I did them two at the same time and tried it to see if I would make them faster, and this time I don't think I used more than 1½ hours for both of them, the only stage that took noticeably longer with two buildings was the cutting part. It really takes a long time to cut out all those little windows.

This time though I did some small changes on each house, one got a chequered pattern on the top and the other some beams over each window. Just to at least try to make them different.

I also got some small walls going, got some small pieces over from the walls so I tried to do something with them and they turned out quite nice.

But see for yourself, I once again added some Imperial Guard miniatures in there to give some scale to the buildings.

Next step is now to mount these on bases to fit into my Malifaux/Infinity table.

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