Nurgle Defilers for Epic

I actually had a game this week, I know it sounds crazy but it's true, and not only that but I got a game of Epic Armageddon under my belt.
I got to face of a nice Imperial Guard army with my Death Guard, using the latest edition of this list, and I got to use my titan I showed of a while ago, but anyway, this got me into wanting to make some of the units I still miss for my army, and one of them is a anti-aircraft unit and the one for that is the nurgle marked Defiler, or Desicrator as it's known in the list.

I based my variants on Nurglins from 40k/WHFB and made some legs and weapons for them. As a little try I did one that I wanted more organic and daemonic and one with a bit more metal parts, so for the legs I did some plasticard legs for the later, basically a few 2mm strips glued together.

The claw arms are from a old epic ork dreadnought that got in the way for my knife.

The other one got arms from some of my Wargames Factory vikings I have around, So I got some arms, a blob of green stuff and stuck them into it, then the hands got a bit flattened and there you have it.

The gun is from an old Gorkamorka mini I think

And  here we have them both, in all of their unpainted glory!

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