Table building - the start

I finally got some time to start my project of building a gaming table for Malifaux and/or Infinity. I've had plans for this for a long time now, and even got the boards for it several weeks ago. But terrain building in 1:1 scale has slowed the whole process down until it stopped completely.

But now it's underway!

I started out by cutting two boards down to 3' by about 2', they are about 2" thick and will form the base of the 3'x4' that it's going to end up in, my first thought was to do a single piece 3'x3' board, but after cutting the first board down I came to the conclusion that this would be far more work than I had thought, and the edges would not be as straight as I wanted them. I really need to find a better way of cutting them than using a slightly wobbly knife thats a bit to short...

I'm going to this a bit modular in a way, the boards will have 6" by 6" squares all over them and in those I'll place  MDF bases with whatever I need for the day, some will have houses, other trees and still others will be flat if thats whats needed. I hope this will turn out to be a good idea, and that part of way my first try is not a gigantic 12'x8' board for napoleonics or something similar.

I started by drawing out how I wanted the squares and where I wanted a little road though the whole thing (everyone needs a road right?)

Then I added some ice cream sticks as the base for the squares and covered the edges of them with filler to blend them into the table, I also cut out a bit in the road part to make it a bit sunken into the table, I will later fill this up partway with filler to even the road out a bit and be able to get some texture into it.

And thats how far I've gotten now. I hope I'll get some more time to spend on it during the week, but with work, life and other unpredictable things you can never be too sure.

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