Wyrd Miniatures Iron Painter 2012

Last night I got a newsletter from Wyrd about a new installment of their Iron Painter competition.
I've seen a bit from it earlier but not had any real thought about joining in.

It works in broad terms like this;
Each round has a theme, this theme could be something like "Purple", "Scary" or something similar and each  contestant is paired up with another in a duel.
You then have only two weeks to get hold of something to paint, paint it, and post pictures of it on the website. So you can't just sit around and think about it for long...
After the two weeks is up a panel of judges gives points to each entry, based on the skill and appearance of the miniature but most importantly the following of the theme. After this the person in a duel with the most points advances to the next round and the other is knocked out.

This time around I decided to join in, right now you can join up as well, and you have about a week to do it, then it's game on, just check in this address for the sign-up

and if you want to check the rules out, go here:

I'll be there to get my ass kicked, will you?

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