Table building - part VII

While I'm still painting more miniatures for my Imperial Army, I just got sick of small plastic dudes for a little while, so I started to make a few more modules for my table that has been standing unwanted and ignored for too long now.

The order of the day was to make some mostly flat modules to fill up the table some more and in some cases be used to place free standing buildings over, this last part I kind of forgot when I got my hot glue gun and plastic flowers so I places a bit too much on some of them... They are still useful and can still take some buildings (or trees for that matter) but I overdid it a bit...

Anyways, they are made just like my other modules, a piece of wood for the base and then some structured paint over and 6 coats of paint, ranging from dark brown to a final small highlight of white. To see everyting a bit more in detail I refer you to the painting of the table itself, here and here.

And some images of the nice little terrain;
Here we have them all four

This last one did get something to look like a pile of rocks, and that mostly what it is, I added some filler and stuck it full of rocks, turned out quite alright in the end, even though it made it a bit more difficult to paint.

I'm also back in painting some miniatures as well, but I also have some more adobe-style houses in the works. But pictures on those when I get them done.

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