The Iron Painter 2012 - Round 1

Ok, the first round in Iron Painter has just started, apparently 132 people signed up, and among all of them there is a little me.

The theme has also been announced, and it's "Start your engine", and I have so far not a clue what I'm going to do... I think I'll have to go home and go though my lead/plastic mountain and see if I have something that could go under that description.

I'm a bit nervous about this whole thing, I'll have to duel with two other painters, and not one as I first thought, and I have to have it all done by March 5th.

So the order of they will be to find a miniature to paint, and before the end of the week have it assembled and hopefully some base paints on it at least.


  1. Anonymous27/2/12 15:30

    Any thing to show for it yet?

    1. I'll try to take some pictures and post them, I've come a a bit on my model at least.