40k Imperial Guard - part XIV

Time for another installment of painted imperials, this time I did some scratch building. I wanted to have some more diverse special weapons, but I don't want to pay the ridiculous prices that GW wants for them. So I got some extra pieces out and started to build. I did some plasmaguns this time around, they was each made by a com-link backpack and a standard lasgun and some green stuff.

The overall effect is quite all right, I did however not such a good job on the green stuff, I really should have cleaned off a few more things on the lasguns before I tried to build upp the plasmagun around it, it all got a bit to big and bulky for my taste, and I should have don't the barrels a bit bigger. But overall they are quite all right.

The hoses from the backpack to the guns is made from wire in the two on the flanks, and the middle one I did in greenstuff. I did however find the green stuff one a bit to hard to get where I wanted it, that why I have some with wires.

I might try to do some meltas as well, but I'm almost out of unassembled minis so I need to get some more before any such adventure.

Well some more pictures, and until next time.

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