Swedish TYW Cuirassiers

 After some drying time for the bases and varnish, it's time to show my latest addition to my growing Swedish army; the Cuirassiers.
I painted them up with the black armor that was the hot stuff back in the 17th century. They did paint up very quickly as I used the colored primers from Army Painter to get the horses almost done with just that, and with a black undercoat on the riders there wasn't much else on them to paint.

I did however go for and Infantry flag as the standards, I thought the small cavalry flags that apparently was frequently used was, well a bit small for something as grand as tanks of the day. So I went for something bigger.

Overall I'm pleased with how the unit turned out, the only thing I have to complain about is that there was a large amount of flash on most of the riders, large bits of metal was lodged between the legs in thin sheets and a fair few of the weapons had been bent and twisted to that a few broke as I tried to bend them back. It was fixable and I got a few extra arms so I did survive but it was a little annoying and fixing the miniatures took far more time than painting them in the end.

But enough whining from me, lets look at some pictures instead!


  1. Armse rache to the release of the Pike and Shoote rules...

    Good looking unit !

    best regards dalauppror

  2. I watched your blog and I see you have a very nice army!

    a greeting from Spain.