40k Imperial Guard - part XVI

I finished these guardsmen about 1½ weeks ago, but I haven't had time to post much here in since I started with my Iron Painter challenge.  But now I've finally gotten my act together and edited the photos and got them uploaded.

Just as will all the others I just slap on some paint to get them done, so there isn't  much to say about them, other than I'm starting to see the end of the infantry, right now I only have some storm troopers, a few more ratlings, some veterans and a bunch of characters.

Until I get some more time to post again, here are some pictures

First squad

Second squad

and a few detail shots of the second squad members


  1. Nice!
    The faces in particular came out really good.
    Where did you get those plastic flowers? They work really well for exotic alien plants.

    1. Thanks.
      And the flowers are mostly from IKEA, if you just look around in the flower section you can find a lot of useful stuff =)