Terrain for TYW

As inspiration hit me and I started to paint again on my TYW army, I also started to think about what terrain I would like to have for my army, and the idea of a village of some kind sprung to mind, so set out to create a test piece to see what I could do, and if I should do something at all.

The house I have put together is a rather large one, I wanted something that could be the center of the town, perhaps a house for the local lord or something similar.

The whole thing measures about 22cm long, 12 wide and 14 to the apex, I also added a little front portico just to make it a bit more interesting, and challenge myself to see if I could get the roofs together.

The basic of the house is foamcore with balsa and matchsticks to create the beams and in between I've thrown on some filler with a bit of paint mixed in.
The roof is made out of lots and lots of paper strips that i cut to a width of 5mm and then glued them on a card base with a little overlap here and there and with different length.

Overall I'm quite satisfied, but I'm not sure that this is different enough from my Spanish terrain to make a whole set, the look is not extremely different but it's a lot of extra work.

But until I decide to make more or not, here's a few pictures;

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  1. Realy nice house !

    Beast regards dalauppror