Adobe buildings - Part III

I've gotten some more Adobe style buildings done, I made this batch a little bit bigger so that a 40k sized game should be able to fit a squad, or at least most of a squad into them. I also tried a little thing and made one of them with a removable roof. This also hade the nice side effect that I got some beams pointing out, something I tried on my first building to no great success, as I just glued them on the outside then. No I made a few holes all around the house and stuck them in there with glue on them.
All in all it turned out quite nice.
I also experimented a bit with what color I used in the filler that I cover the entire building in for structure and base color all in one.
I also varied the amount of filler I used to get a feeling of a newer house and a older, more rugged house.

I also just noticed how the new house apparently don't have any door handles… This must be the new thing in anti-theft device, if you can't come in you can't steal anything, brilliant!

Other than that, there isn't much to tell. I'm getting to a quite good little collection of houses, a few more and I can more or less cover a 4' by 4' table in them.

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