Battle report: Chaos VS Imperial Guard

Last weekend I played another game of 40k. This time it was a 1750 points battle against a Chaos Space Marine army, something that I had not played against since 2ed edition.
The mission was Big guns never tire with vanguard strike deployment. In total we got three objectives where two ended up on my side of the table and one on the chaos side,

Our armies looked something like this

2 Daemon princes with wings
4 Plague marine squads(2xMelta, 2xPlasma)
1 Havoc squad (4xAC)
2x Oblitoratior squads
2x Terminator squads (Heavy Flamer, Reaper AC)
Ageis Defence line with quad-gun

1 Command squad (Astropath, MotF)
1 Platoon with 2 squads (Flamer)
1 Platoon with 2 Squads (Grenade Launcher)
4 Heavy weapon squads (AC, 2xML, LC)
2 Veteran squads in Chimera (Plasma, Melta)
3 Scout Sentinels
2 Leman Russ tanks
1 Demolisher

Here are some pictures of the deployment

Everything that could be deployed by deep strike on the chaos side was held back, and only the foot squads was deployed. On the imperial side everything but the sentinels got deployed, they instead was sent to outflank the chaos lines.

Chaos turn 1
The Plague marines not behind the defense lines advances, taking a few potshots along the way, not doing a whole lot, the real damage was done when the Havocs and Quad-gun opened up, destroying the heavy squad with lascannons and the one with autocannons, leaving telling holes in the imperial line.

Imperial Guard turn 1
The right flank and center advances slowly to get into position to shoot the advancing marines. In the shooting phase everything in the center and right opened up on the marines behind the forest. They however did really have Nurgle on their side, as they made save after save, after save. And when they finally failed a save or two they made the Feel no pain roll. Even the demolisher shell, that hit them square on only succeed in killing one of them. In the end though sick amounts of fire did where them down a bit, and of the five, only one remained. On the left flank the amount of fire directed into that marine squad was far less, and only two of their number fell.

Chaos 2
Even though I had a master of the fleet, and therefor reduced the likelihood of lots of reserves arriving, only one of the oblitorators missed their roll, everything else got ready to deep strike.
One terminator squad did however get a bit too close to the imperial lines, and the scatter got them into one of my squads, but the mishap only put them back in reserves. The rest of the strikes did not go quite as good for the imperials and terminators, daemons and oblitorators got really close and in good striking positions.
The rest of the movement phase was not as impressive as the marines continued forward with the remains of the squads.
When the shooting started the havocs and quad-gun claimed another heavy squad, but only took one of the bases in the other as they threw them selfs to the floor of the ruin they sat in. The newly arrived terminators opened up and obliterated one of the platoon commands while the daemon on the right tried to get one of the infantry squads with his psychic powers, but missed. The oblitirators shot the russ on the left flank, but in a display of utter failure, only took one hull point away and destroyed the flamer mounted on it, even though they had multimeltas as was within 12".

IG 2
The sentinels arrives, right behind the chaos warlord on the left flank. The left and center of the lines positions themselves to better see the oblitirators and the daemon prince, while the right stands mostly still to handle the daemon and the terminators. The veteran squad on the right does a good number on the prince right in front of them, and successfully destroys him with large amounts of plasma and laser fire, while the russ and infantry squads managed to kill three out of the five terminators in front of them. Apparently terminators are softer than plague marines...
In the center the demolisher, the veterans, the heavy squad with missiles and a infantry squad kills of the oblitirators, while the russ, sentinels and a squad of infantry takes two wounds of the prince.

Chaos 3
The last squad of oblitorators gets in, together with the terminators that mishapped last turn. The oblitorators deep strike at more or less the same place as the last squad and the terminators once again mishap as they scatter into one of the imperial squads.
In the movement phase the right side of the field advances towards the veterans and their chimera, while on the left the prince advances closer to the russ, ready to strike it down in close combat. The shooting starts with the oblitorators shooting at the Russ on the left, one again they are inside the 12" for their mult-meltas, and once again they fail do do any real damage as one misses and the other just shakes the vehicle. On the right the lone plague marines fires into the chimera, but the melta just bounces off, and the unit behind fires into the veterans, killing a few and making them fail a moral check, and send them running off the table. The remaining terminators fire into the infantry squad right in front of them, killing a few and then charging into combat. There they fail spectacular as only a single guardsman is killed and they stay put. The lone plague marine tries to charge the chimera, but the grenade he had primed does nothing on the armoured sides of the tank. On the left the prince does it a bit better, charging in and smashing the russ into a pulp. But the resulting explosion takes another of his wounds away, so with only one wound remaining he is left standing in front of a lot of imperial guns.

IG 3
The imperial lines feels the pressure created by the chaos marines, and on the right the remaining tanks backs up and primes their guns on the plague marines charging though there. In the center the demolisher and a infantry squad advances up to surround the oblitorators and plague marines in the forest, and the left side follows suit and the melta veterans jumps out of the chimera, readying the meltas and the demolition charge that they are carrying. In the back field the unit held in reserve there advaces to take the objectives that are now feeling a bit exposed.
On the right the lone plague marine finally dies to the sustained fire from the chimera, and the squad behind losses to members to the roar of a battlecannon. On the left one infantry squad takes aim on the prince, he survives the first sustained fire from lasguns, until the grenade launcher takes aim, fires and get the grenade square in the face of him, finally ending his reign of terror. This frees up some more guns on the left and center that fires everything they got into the oblitorators, but even though the demo-charge and demolisher tank both makes perfect shots, there are still one of them standing when the smoke clears.
When the assault phase comes around the terminators makes short work of a few of the guardsmen, not taking a single wound in return the guardsmen finally breaks and flees, terminators walking slowly after them, readying their meltas for the tanks.

Chaos 4
For some reason we both here thought that this was the start of turn 5, so we rolled for night fight, and night fell.
The last squad of terminators finally arrives, this time right back in the corner of the imperial deployment, only a few inches from the board edge.
The terminators on the right moves forward to get a better shot on the chimera and the russ, but could not get quite far enough to get into the back armour of the russ.
In the back field the plague marines starts to move forward, leaving the handling of the quad-gun to one of the havocs.
In the shooting phase the newly arrived terminators opens up on the infantry squad in the back, but only manages to kill a few, and not making them flee. The terminators on the right uses their remaining combi melta and shoots the russ in the side, but even though they are in short range, the shot bounces of the thick armour. On the left the remaining oblitorator has a bit more luck as at least his shot penetrates the demolisher, but only manage to stun the vehicle. The havocs then fire upon the infantry squad in front of the demolisher, but has a bit of bad luck and only kills 2 guardsmen.

IG 4
The fleeing squad rallies and advances towards the objective on the right while the chimera and russ moves a bit, the russ to take out the last of the plague marines, and the chimera to take out the terminators, also the command HQ squad moves to get a few shots in them. On the left not much changes, the infantry moves into cover and the objective, and the sentinels moves to intercept the reinforcements from the chaos back line.
When the shooting starts the last oblitorator is finally taken down and all but one of the plague marines in the forest, the terminators in the right losses one of it's members to laspistol fire, and fortunately the one to fall is the one close enough to contest the objective on that side. The plague marines on the right losses two more members, but still one angry marine is left. The terminators in the back field of the imperial lines takes a lot of small arms fire, but nothing gets though their thick armour.

As we both thought that this was the 5th turn, we rolled for the battle to continue, but it didn't, and the battle ended with a imperial victory with 9vp to 6.

"What I cannot crush with words, I'll crush with the tanks of the Imperial Guard!"

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