Dark Angels - part XII - Veterans II

After a quite a long time away from here I got some more miniatures completed a few nights ago. I have had parts of my veterans completed for some time, but I what they lacked was some arms, a few backpacks and lots of shoulder pads among other things.

I was planing om waiting to complete them until the new codex showed itself mostly to decide what kind of weapons they should have, but I got tired of having them around and made myself some combi-plasmas for them. I've more or less decided that plasma will be the thing to use by my angels, partly because it's quite good in this edition, and the rumors around them having a lot of plasma everywhere in the new edition.

My combi weapons are made of a standard bolter with the top replaced by the top half of a plasma pistol. Really simple, perhaps not the greatest variant, but one I could build, and can build again without much trouble.

I also wanted to get away from using transfers on my miniatures, while they are nice and can be very useful i thought they lacked something. So I found a suitable plastic part, made a mold of that and did a bunch of greenstuff symbols to stick on the shoulders. I think it worked quite well, and they look nice with this added little thing. The only thing that troubles me is that it's quite hard to get them to stick all over, I have a few feathers that sticks out, and parts thats not quite as bendable as I would like.

I also made a com-link for the unit, this is something I want to have in most units, just to give them a bit more character and it looks right to have it there, they should all be able to call home =)

But here they are, four more veterans to complete my unit of five with the one I painted before.

And a lot of closeups of the individual miniatures

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