Lion Rampant - Part I - Intro

A little while ago a game called Lion Rampant was released from Osprey Publishing, and a few of my club mates have been deeply involved in play-testing of this game, and one even has some of his pictures featured in the finished product.

So we had to play it in some way, and since we are in Sweden and there has been a lot of different Swedish history gaming in the last few years this would continue in this game.

The period that was decided upon was something called "Håtunaleken", and that's Sweden during the very early 14th century.

The character I chose to represent during all this is Torgils Knutsson, the new kings guardian, and marshal under the previous king.

For the first part in this we are to create a 12 point army, or more correctly, patrol. I got myself a box of Teutonic Infantry from Fire Forge games to create my starting force and since 12 points only amounts to three quite small units, that was enough.

My force will be
6 foot knights including Torgils himself
12 men at arms with assorted close combat weapons and shields
6 skirmishing crossbowmen

And that's it, quick, small and easy.

My force assembled looks like this
In the centre front you can see Torgils himself, to the left of him is his knights, to his right his skirmishers and behind his men at arms.

And now I have painted my men at arms and they look spiffy in their new colours.

I'm using a very quick and dirty method here, only applying a base colour, washing it and then a single "highlight" with the base colour again. This gets my minis completed, even if they wont win any painting competitions.

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  1. Greate paint work !

    Glad that you joining in to this club project !