British Napoleonic Hussars

I've finally completed a unit of British hussars that I have had in the works for a long time. The back bases was actually completed a few months ago. But the front rank has been almost done for weeks now, only missing that little last thing, and then basing.

Well the struggle is finally over and they can now ride into battle at the head of my British columns.

After this I have another line regiment to do, but somehow I've lost the heads and backpacks for about half the miniatures in that unit, I have to find them... wherever they might be.

Ah well I also have some commanders to and some cannons, so I'll keep busy =)

The miniatures then, they are from the Perrys and their British hussars set, mighty fine miniature they are, you get the choice of either arms at rest as the back line, or charging as the front and a whole lot of different heads as well. The information leaflet they send with you in the box is very nice as well and gives you the uniform of a lot of different regiments.
Can't recommend them enough.

But here are some pictures of them as they line up to take to the field.


  1. Beautiful unit - very very impressive. Hope to see them on the wargaming table in Solberga soon! Perhaps these should be played as as large unit, and kept together in the format above, love the size!


  2. Great job on these Hussars, details and colors are just perfect!

  3. Tanks a lot, they took some time to get done, but it was worth it

  4. Hussars do take their time to paint but these were well worth the effort. They look excellent. /Mattias