Lion Rampant - Part II - Starting force complete

I've now completed painting on my starting force for our Swedish campaign. Since this is in reality only half of a standard army for Lion Rampant, I plan to eventually expand this to a complete 24 point force. But I think I'm going to hold this off until I can get at least a few games in.

The newly painted units then is first my foot knights with Torgils Knutsson himself leading them. I gave each knight his own design on his shield (if they have one) to mark them out a bit extra on the field. I used quite simple designs as I'm not that good at making this kind of free hand.

Second I have my skirmishers, 6 men with crossbows. I painted them the same as my previous men at arms, so they came together quickly.

And lastly we have my full force, ready for the battlefield.


  1. Lovely color scheme - uhh, crossbows :0) I better keep my knights out of reach... Looking forward to some Håtuna-gaming soon.


  2. Great looking Swedes.

  3. Thanks a lot, and I'll get your knight, you can't run away! =)

    I really am looking forward for some games as well, feels a bit strange to have a complete force for a game I haven't even seen...