Black Powder: French - Chasseurs a Cheval

So for the game that we played last week (see the report here) I had intended to bring a new unit of Chasseurs, but alas, that was not to be.
Instead I took a few more days to finish it, and now it's not only done, but also photographed!

I painted them kind of like the 12th regiment, I did however mix up a few details, like the horse cloth for the officers... Oh well, it's not like I really care anyways, they look good on the table as is.

The miniatures are from Perry Miniatures, I picked them up when I was a Salute earlier this year. Unfortunately there aren't any store here in Sweden that carry any of their metals, and the Perry twins takes out a quite hefty shipping fee.

The miniatures themselves was quite nice, good definition on all the details, but a lot of flash, especially on the horses, I guess the molds are kind of old and run down.
But they just wanted to be painted and I could do this whole unit in only a few hours of work, I think the base took almost as long as the minis.

Well, I'll try to find someone to play against soon, I want to get them on the field!

I have a little series coming up here soon on a quite large commision job I have been painting on for the last few months. I hope to get the first posts started next week if all goes to plan.


  1. They look splendid, great details...

    1. Thank you, even when speed painting some things gets done =)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I'm quite satisfied myself

  3. They look wonderful!

    1. Thanks, and soon they'll get a flag all of their own as well!