Bolt Action: Fallschirmjägers - Squad III

So, the third squad then, the final in the first platoon. Basicly the same as the other two. The only difference might be that I now have made a few of them, and gotten a bit better at the camouflage.

I tried to make the camouflage a bit simpler than the real thing, but still have the feel that it should have. It's a problem with miniatures with realistic camouflage that they tend to disappear in the terrain on the table. I have more than once forgot a unit that's well hidden inside a forest during a game...
I think the simplification turned out quite good, looks kind if right from a bit away, it doesn't take an eternity to paint and still gives the miniature something that the eye can take hold of.


  1. What a great job and I think the decision not to over work the camouflage was spot on. You certainly get an understanding of what they are wearing without it disappearing.