Bolt Action: Fallschirmjägers - Squad I

Back in February I was asked to do a commission work on some German Fallschirmjägers, first I was tasked with doing a platoon worth of troops, to be used in ether Bolt Action or Chain of Command. But probably more the latter of the two.

So for this the platoon was to consist of three squads of ten men each, two MGs, two loaders, NCO with a panzerfaust and then some riflemen.

Mostly the miniatures are Black Tree Designs, but there is also some Warlord and Atrizan and probably some other manufacturer as well that I have limited knowledge of.

The first squad painted then, turned out like this;

I did no basing for this first platoon, so don't wait around for pictures of that.


  1. Wow, they turned out rather well.

  2. Great result Ulf, even though I personally prefer the Warlord minis, I think the three brands actually blend really well!

  3. Beautiful job on these minis, they look great!

  4. Tank you all for the nice comments, I'll get some more of them up here soon =)