Epic Death Guard Warhound

About 1 - 1½ years ago me and a friend played quite a lot of Epic Armageddon. I think we almost managed one game a week for quite some time.

At the time I was quite into creating myself a chaos army, and more to the point, a Death Guard army. I came quite far in making it, with almost every model green stuffed in some way. But one model never got so far, and our interest ebbed out just as I was building him, and that was my Warhound titan.

But now under threats of violence (or at least a new kindled interest in the game again) my buddy wanted to see how far I really got with, so, here he is, the ugliest titan this side of the galactic center, the destroyer of other small things and stinker of Nurgle! WarBob!

1 comment:

  1. Cool model.
    Looking forward to see it painted.