PanO reinforcements

After my Croc man sniper was complete there was some talking about running a little tournament as our club, and right away I knew I needed some more reinforcements for my proud warriors. So for a few weeks I panted up some minis I thought I might use, and the result would be this bunch

First of a few more fusiliers, I needed some support and got myself a HMG and while I was at it, I painted the last normal fusilier model as well.

After this basic support group I needed some specialists, and the first one out was a Aquilla guard, probably the most hated miniature ever in our club, here he is in a picture before I got his base done, he didn't have one at the tournament as I didn't have time to finish it...

And lastly the night before the tournament I finished a Auxilia, but not her fellow droid so in the end she didn't make the cut.


  1. Not really my cup of tea, I prefer historical figures, but there very nicely painted. I like the way you've painted the guns, the girl in the first photo, is my kinda babe, for obvious reasons, minus the blue hair of course!!

  2. Hi, very nice minis and painting! I'm starting a PanO army too and I going towards your colour scheme for the Auxbots.
    By the way do you remember which color you used to paint the pants? Could be Bleached Bone (GW)?

    1. I believe I used Reaper Master Paints for this, and I guess I used 09142: Stained Ivory, 09143: Yellowed Ivory and 09144: Creamy Ivory and I blended them a bit by using fist the darkest, then mix 50/50 with the medium, then pure medium and so forth and used a bit of white in the end.

      I used a ridiculous amounts of layers on these =)