Still more PanO for Infinity

Tomorrow we're going to have another Infinity tournament at the club, unfortunately there will be very few people there as it seems right now, but anyhow. For some reason I felt that a more or less new army must be tried, so I've completed and based 6 minis since last night, 3 of them had to be more or less painted from the base up, but at least the other 3 was already completed and just missing bases.

So last night I finished 2 of the minis and started making the bases, and just now I completed the last figure and the bases and got them varnished and based.
And here's the result, just a quick snapshot before I go to bed and hopefully not dream of paints, plaster and static grass

5 Acontecimento Regulars, one with a Spitfire, the rest with Combi-rifles and a Bagh-Mari with a Combi-rifle

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