Kind of tournament report

Today was the day for a tournament with the Infinity players in our town, unfortunately only 5 players turned up, so instead of making some sort of half assed tournament we decided to just throw our dices down and play a few games.


We got two tables running with 1 player taking photos, me and the organizer was the ones that took a game off and took some photos, helped with rules and line of sight issues.

I played my jungle PanOceania that I have panted up in the last few weeks, and then we had on of each of the following armies: Adriana, Haqqislam, Combined Army and Yu Jing

I was a bit stupid and forgot to have everyone pose the armies up for photos, but I got a few in action pictures at least.

Here are some photos of the second round that I didn't play in, and first up are some pictures of a game between Yu Jing and Combined Army

Combined Army Vector Operator waiting to chew some Yu Jing 

Yu Jing droid hunting Combined scum
With infantry support
A Karakuri watching it's impending doom in the distance
More Combined mayhem in the waiting

Then I got just a few pictures of the game right beside, to many people in the way (it was in a corner and rather crowded with the players) only a few pictures got taken.

During my game a few shots got fired against my troops as well, so here they are in all their glory
My fire team in action
A soon to be dead droid overwatching 
My newly painted T.A.G takes a supporting position
Here's a fella that's going to have a reeeeally bad day 
It was a good day gaming, lots of fun talking with all the other gamers, too bad that there wasn't more of us so that we could have had a real tournament.
This will have to be it for tonight, next time something different, or the same, we'll see.

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