Thirty Year War Swedish

Not to long ago Warlord Games announced that they was to release some TYW figures, and not only that, but Swedish troops. I've looked at their English Civil War range before and thought that they looked quite nice, and when this came along I felt I just had to go get me a few, just to paint up if nothing else. It's not often you get to see anything in the miniature world with the word Swedish in it.
Then I thought the Gustav II Adolf miniature was quite nice as well, a bit wonky pose, but still something in it spoke to me =)

I've so far gotten hold of a few boxes of infantry and painted the shot in one of them, still no bases though, as I don't really know how I should base them. And right now I'm in the middle of moving so no fixing with bases, flock and paint for a few weeks until I get my new place set up, and all the miniatures transported there.

I painted really quickly, and used mostly one paint coat and a wash and called it done. I'm not sure if I should go over them again to highlight them at least one time, I think I'll have to get a whole unit done to this level and see how it looks before going back over them.

In the first here I used some Army Painter crystal blue primer to get the blue stuff done, this however did not work as well as I would have liked, and painting all the other colors became a real pain.

Here I instead used a white base, it did help a fair bit with everything that wasn't blue, and no real difference on the blue, so blue primer is out for now. I'll probably do a test with brown primer on some of the next minis, when I find them that is...

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