Spanish houses for Napoleonic gaming

I got an urge to do some terrain the other day, most because I saw some beautiful pictures on another blogg here called Battles in Miniature and his incredible tables of napoleonic terrain for Spain. So I tried to make my some houses, trying out a few different techniques and materials.

The first one as seen here wasn't great, I made it with foam board and covered the walls in a mix of paint, glue and filler, that part turned out great, then I used corrugated paper for the roof, a nice idea, but I didn't treat it properly, so it warped, and the paper I used was in itself not great, but at least the idea was right.



So I did another one, this time I spent some more time on the construction, used a few more thought though materials, and made it generally a bit more neat, keeping the windows a bit smaller and same with the doors.
All in all it turned out quite alright, I have a few more ideas that I'd like to try out, but if I'm going to do a whole spanish village I got time to practice.

And just as a little comparison both of them side by side in my soon to be main street or something

I think I'll have to do some street for them accualy, and place my completed minis around it, and I need some more houses... perhaps a church or a.... *walks away mumbling* 

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