More swedes

Finally I got the time to finish of the latest batch of my Warlord Swedish infantry, this time around I went for a green unit, but I "spiced" it up a bit and gave them white/beige pants to match the banner I put in the unit.
And not inly that, but the unit got reinforced with their own priest, so they have nothing to fear from the enemy (or own commanders...)

I'm now up to 4 units of infantry and 2 of cavalry, and soon I can really start using them for something
I have decided though to make a commander or 2 as the next batch, so that I don't go crazy over all the more or less, same infantry models, and that I can use the minis for a game or two in the not too distant future.
I also have plans for starting my very own gaming table, the board components for the first part has been acquired, and all I need now is a weekend or at least a evening to start planing and carving out the first little parts.
But more of that when the time comes.

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