Spanish houses part II

I've made some more houses, this time a tower and a remake of my first house, this time with a little more experience in the trunk.

As the last time they are made with a foamcore base, and then matchsticks, ice cream sticks and lots of glue.
I'm now coming closer to actually having a whole little village, now I need a table to put it on, and some miniatures to fight over it.

First out is the tower, tree stories high its at the moment the highest structure in my village.

On the "remake" I vent a little "crazy" and put the door on the side this time, have you ever herd something so whimsical? I know.. it's not that hot, but its a little bit different from the other one.


The back is windowless on this one, I thought that it could perhaps be placed right to another house, or perhaps a mountain, could be quite neat, just need a big mountain as well now  

And finally, both of them right next to each other, getting quite pleased with them now, and the next project thats already being drawn and cut will be a bit more ambitious, stay tuned.


  1. Two great looking buildings, very well done!!

  2. Thank you, I'll get some more buildings going, and perhaps get a few minis out for some action photos