Warlord Pike and Shot Cavalry

So, finally my second unit of cavalry is done, well... at least so far that the minis are painted, still missing bases, but I'm in the process of finding out how many of each size I'm going to need so that I can get a order away to warbases

The minis then was painted a quickly as possible, I blocked the colors in and then slapped a good amount of dipp on them, I even just primed the horses with army painter brown primer and then just dipped them. It's almost cheating, but at least I got the unit done in just 3 nights of very limited painting time.

I also just got hold of some flags for my other units, so if I get the time then I'm going to get some flags going for all my units and get some nice little photo on all of them arranged for... well at least arranged =)

The unit then, well this time I was inspired of some flags I saw for the Västgöta cavalry that I found on Flags of War, the colors was in green and white, so thats what I went for in most of the clothing, I just had to get some yellow in, because... well I think swedes need that.
So here they are in all of their unbased glory!

That all for now folks.

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