40k Imperial Guard - part XIII

I thought that I should get all my minis out and see what I have gotten done in the last few months. So far I've been painting my imperials for just over 2 ½ months, and I've now got quite a sizable army going.

This is an overview of the army, placed on a 2' by 3' table.
I still have quite a lot of minis left to do, including but not limited to; 2 squads of Storm Troopers, 2 squads of regular guardsmen, another squad of veterans, about 8 heavy weapon teams, a second unit of snipers and a bunch of characters such as commissars and psykers.
And when that gets closer to done, I still want to have a few more vehicles.

I also took some close ups of the units.

Here's a shot of the only 15 miniatures that was painted prior to me starting this up again. I panted them over 10 years ago and when I dug them out of again I had to do a few minor touchups. A few arms was loose or broken off and a head or two wasn't quite how I originally intended.

Some of the more resent additions, the command squad on the left is mostly made up of the command miniatures that was available back in the days, before plastic was used for anything else than tanks and rank-and-file.

My newest addition  with some tank support. The tank is since early in the 90ies, and I know I bought it when it was new and shiny, at the same time as the 2ed Imperial Guard codex appeared.

And here is a few of my precious really old school imperials (yeah, I still think the 2ed stuff is kind of new). I really like these and they still fit remarkable well with the new things, even if they are a bit on the small side since Citadel made 25mm miniatures back in the day, and not the 32mm that they are closer to today.

And a few more of my standard imperials , so far they have proven inefficient against marines, but capable at mowing down tau, at least if they have an officer screaming at them.

And lastly my so far only painted Russ tank, I do have another two that was painted at the same time as my chimera and Hellhound, but so far I haven't been able to get myself to try to remove the paint on them. The chimera needed about a month in green soap and 4-5 meeting with a toothbrush to be usable and I don't look forward to do it again.

Well that's what I have for now there is still lots to do and the next batch of minis is already on the painting table. But I might have a little break soon before I totally forgets how to paint with something else than wash and dip =)

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