40k Imperial Guard - part IX

I've had "fun", I have a chimera that I bought and painted at least 15 years ago. And for some reason I did not paint it as much as I drowned it in paint. So for the last weeks it has been in bath to get the paint removed. It worked… ok, not great but enough for the type of paintjob I do for my imperials.
I did a few additions to the tank, it had a stormbolter in the turret, and I changed that up for a stubber instead, and added some smoke launchers. Lastly I added a bedroll on the back of it, to cover up some damage it had suffered while in storage.

Other than that I painted it in exactly the same way as my Leman Russ.

And here's a few pictures for you all to enjoy.

I also have a Hellhound that have had the same color horror, this is in the works now.

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