40k Imperial Guard - part VIII

With Christmas and new years over, I finally the other week had some time to go back to my miniatures and get some painting done. Just before the holidays I got my old 2ed Cadians stripped of paint and placed in the vicinity of the bases they would be standing on, and from there I pick it up again.

This time I primed them in the same colour that I used for my tank and Sentinels, just to speed things up a bit. I cant really say that it did, I still had to go over them with my base colour anyways as I did a very poor priming job, and more than a few spots was left with white or even bare metal.

What I had here was a squad with 3 plasma guns, the plasmas was not however original, they was green stuffed into existence from ordinary lasguns. A previous owner apparently wanted some plasmas so the lasguns had been cut up and green stuff was used to make them. I redid parts of them as I couldn't really use them as just lasguns, and plasmas are always nice to have. Besides that, it's not like I can find some new down at the local store. They turned out… ok I guess, it's not the prettiest of jobs, but its functional enough.

Well after a few days on my painting table they are finally done, and they look like this

This is the whole squad as it is to be seen now

The somewhat special guys

The cannon fodder, whose job it is to die first

The thought is to give them a chimera to ride along in, perhaps adding a heavy weapon to them as well so that they can stand around in the back and fire away. I have some weapon teams with bolters and autocannons, something should be usable.

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