Table building - part VI

I took a small break from painting my imperial army, and tried to make some more modules to my table I built some time ago.
This time I tried my hand at making a few bases of forest, this time I cut a bit into the edges of the modules, to make them a little more flat to the edges on the table and make them a bit more "rough".

What I did was paint the modules with a few of my bases for the trees on them when I did the textured paint, so that I would end up with something that indicates where the tree should stand. This went.. Ok I guess, not great as I had hoped that the texture would help in centering the bases a bit more on their place, not it is more of a visual indication of where they should be. 
Next time I might build the bases up a bit with filler and make small edges for the trees to centre on.

Other than that I painted the bases in exactly the same way as the rest of the table, so the work was minimal, but the drying times made progress slow. I could only make one layer each night.

The trees then, well I based them on 40mm wooden buttons that you can find in craft stores, I tried first with 30mm, but I thought they looked a bit to small.

And here's some pictures of the two bases I did with some trees on them.

Here you have them without any trees, and here you can see the circles that got left in the paint.

Finally I added a few Imperial troopers in them to give some sort of scale.

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