40k Imperial Guard - part XV

It's time again for another bunch of minis from the Imperial armies. 
This time I've got some heavy teams to show you, and not any teams at that, but Lascannon teams!

These guys are made up of old school lascannons with the new cadian miniatures. I was however a bit cheap again and decided to only place one cadian on each base, and instead they got a stonewall as a friend. 
In reality this was partly because it was hard to fit another mini on there as the cannon itself is quite big and I didn't want them sticking out of the base to much so that transport of them would suffer, if I can I'd like to have them inside the base edges.

The minis then, well they did get painted in the same old way as all the others, the cannons did however get a primer layer with Army Painters Army Green that I found behind lots of other colors and I hoped that this would be the same as the dark green I've been using so far on all the guns. This however was not the case, it was quite a bit lighter, but at least I was able to use it as a base and not paint as much with my other green over.

I've also set up a kind of new way that I photograph my miniatures, after the army display the some time ago I let the board stand and I've now used it as a backdrop to liven it up a bit, if you have any thoughts if I should keep that up, please drop me a line, I don't get many here as it is =)

But for now, here's some pictures;


  1. Tjusigt hörru! Det bör väl börja bli en riktigt skaplig armé nu va?

    1. Jorå, det börjar ordna till sig, är uppe i någonstans kring 15-1600p än så länge.