Dark Angels - part XIII - Tacticals IV

I've gotten into a bit of a painting streak, and actually gone from start to finish with a few miniatures in under a week. What I've painted now is a five man tactical unit, so now I really have a legal army standing on my shelf.

This time I now only made some Dark Angel symbols to put on their shoulder pads, I also made a tactical symbol and stuck it on there. I really like to have the symbols as this, gives the miniature a bit more character I think. Then only thing I'm not that pleased with, is that they are a bit thick... I don't have any solution for this at the moment, so I'll have to live with it.

Apart from the symbols I made the squad so that they have a com-link and used parts from the Dark Angels veteran set to give each miniature at least something unique. Be it a Dark Angel bolter, backpack or a holster for a bolt pistol. I also gave my sergeant a robe, something I think most, if not all of my sergeants will get. And if it's not a whole robe, then perhaps a tabard as the sergeant from the Dark Vengeance set.

As per usual I have a few pictures of the completed miniatures here for you to see;

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