Dark Angels - Part XIV - Ravenwing Bikes III

This weekend I sat down and finished two more of my Ravenwing bikes that I started over a month ago. I built them and then tacticals and veterans was more interesting for a while.

Now however they are complete. Sadly I cant really use them right now as they are... The Dark Angels codex only gives permission to field three or six bikes, and nothing in between, so until  the codex hits in another month or so, I'll just have to like it they way it is and play them as vanilla marines if I want to use them all.

I've not really done anything to this set of bikes, my plan is to not have two bikes that looks the same, and even though I already have a plasma gun biker, this time he got a fire effect from Armorcast added to the gun. I really do like these effects, but I have to remind myself not to use to many of them. I'm trying to not use more than one or two in each squad, and have some of them without any at all.

What I have also done this time is getting the bases done, not only for these two new bikes, but for the three I already had as well. So now my whole army has bases and are ready for some action.

I've had some requests of pictures of the whole army as well, and I'm going to take some in the coming week or so, I just have to put a lot of other miniatures away so that I can clear a place large enough to get them all in one shot.

The two new bikes

The whole squad

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