Dark Angels - Part XVI - Ravenwing Land Speeder II

As the year is coming to a close I present the latest miniature that has gotten of my painting table, another Land Speeder. This time it's one of the original Ravenwing speeders made way back in -94, I've had two of these since they came out, only ever painted one and forgot about the other in a box. Thats until about two months ago when I found them again.

The one I've painted now is the one that never got any paint in the first place, the other one is still on my desk and I need to clean off all the old globby paint I've put on it.

The main problem with this mini is that it's made of metal, and it heavy... really heavy... So I had quite some problems with paint chipping during the painting process, and not only that, but the fit of the different parts aren't what you would call good, it was quite horrible sometimes, especily the piece that the flying rod comes out of, this holds the main body and the chairs, and I had to be a bit creative to get the parts to stick together. But a few pinns and some grey stuff and it got together as good as I can make it.

Other than that I added a few new things on it, some extra items just to make it look like they are ready for a extended scout mission. I also added a few small areas of chipping on the body and wings, I'm not overly excited how it turned out, but I have to start somewhere when it comes to experimenting with this.

Other than that, here are some pictures, enjoy and have a great new gaming year!

And the two speeders I have now, there is quite a size difference between the two =)

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