Dark Angels - Part XV - Ravenwing Land Speeder I

The last few days I grabbed hold of the Land speeders that comes in the Rawenwing battleforce and started building. I wanted to magnetize it to be both a tornado with a assault cannon and a typhoon with the missiles. So I had to do a bit of work on it, so far I haven't done the best of work with my magnetization, but this time I took it a bit slower, checked and double checked all the magnets before I stuck them in there, and I did succeed far better than before, even if I would have liked it to be a bit better at times.

Then I started with the painting, and here I did one major mistake. I used my airbrush for all the blacks, just to make it much smoother and get it done fast, so stupid as I was I thought; "Well, then I don't need a prime it first"... Not the smartest thing I have ever done. The result was that lots of paint got rubbed of as I worked with it, and so I had to repaint, and repaint, and get varnish on, and then repaint it a bit more. It was horrible and something you should never do, always prime your miniature!

But despite this, the painting did go quite fast, I wanted most of the speeder so stay black so I did not pick out to many details, but more left them as they are. And I think it looks really nice in the end.

So, after painting and putting it all together, I took the photos, and then I realized one more mistake... I forgot to put the ammunition hopper on the bolter... Another facepalm moment.
As it stands now I still haven't gotten the ammo on, right now I think I'll leave it that way, I might paint it up when I do the next one and then stick it on, that is if I remember it then...

Ah, well. I have some pictures on the speeder, based an all;

And all the parts

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